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Galaxy Tab: Why is it not falling off the shelves?


Galaxy Display (1)Yesterday I talked about Samsung's sales figures for the Galaxy Tab which turned out to be deliveries to stockists rather than actual sales. Although I haven't seen one of these attractive 7-in tablets being used in the wild, Ralf Meier in Washington reports that he saw lots of them being used in Stockholm a couple of weeks ago. This enthusiasm doesn't seem to have spread to London.

Today I found this display in a local branch of Carphone Warehouse and was surprised to find the Samsung is being heavily discounted from the £599 list price to £399. It can be had for nothing if you sign a data contract. At this price the Galaxy is a very attractive proposition, even as a lightweight ebook reader in preference to the similarly-sized Kindle. So why, I wonder, isn't it flooding the market. 

The iPad, on the other hand, is still selling in vast quantities with nary a whiff of discounting. As with most Apple products, the list price is the price you pay. Admittedly, the iPad looks to be better value because of its size, but I for one would love a 7in alternative.

If Apple do put the boot into Amazon's iOS Kindle apps, I could be first in line for a Galaxy Tab.


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