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iPhone: The best camera is the one in your pocket


All that trillion megapixel Nikon or Canon gear, all those fancy lenses, all are well and good. Yet if you don’t have them with you at the crucial moment, they’re useless. So it was this morning when I sauntered out of my office to walk along the River Thames in search of my cappuccino fix.

Nearby, at the historic Chiswick Eyot island, a magnificent vintage launch, the Pommery, caught my eye. Then I spied a strange man changing wetsuits. This was clearly comedian David Walliams, of Little Britain fame, four days out from the start of his Thames swim from Lechlade in Gloucestershire to Big Ben in London. Not a press guy in sight.

Despite suffering from a severe bout of Thames Tummy, Walliams seemed in good form as I took this photograph with my humble  iPhone 4. How I wished I’d had the Nikon D7000 and my 18-200mm zoom. But the fact is that the phone is the best camera for opportunistic shots such as these. After a run through Aperture and a few adjustments, the resulting “toy photograph” is now appearing in the local newspaper.


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