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iPhone 6 Plus: Is this the the end of carrying around two devices?


I am looking forward to getting my hands on the new iPhone 6 Plus or whatever it is called. No longer do I think a 5.5in screen is huge for a phone. The new large device will be acceptable as a phone, but a phone is not really what I need or want. What I want is an all-in-one convergence pocket computer that I can carry around all day. Today could mark the beginning of the end for the common practice of toting a phone in the pocket and an iPad or iPad mini in the bag. Convergence is king.

And there’s another important factor in the shape of the iWatch. If this device can initiate and answer calls then there is no longer a need for a phone in the pocket. The large iPhone can sit happily in a bag and be controlled from the wrist. 

There’s only one snag to carrying just one communications device. Occasionally I leave home without my iPhone and only realise when I’ve gone too far to make it reasonable to return. For the moment, of course, I can turn to the iPad which can do everything the iPhone can do except make cellular calls (although, of course, it can make VOIP calls and these are probably more important these days). 

With only one device to worry about in future, I hope I will not often suffer the unthinkable fate of being ex-communicado. But there is a solution: Keep the old iPhone 5 or 5S as a spare, stick in a pay-as-you-go SIM and make it a fixture in the bag.