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iPhone 6 Plus: Developers working on landscape view, updates promised soon


Several leading developers of productivity apps have noted the problem with using the iPhone 6 Plus in landscape mode and are working on updates. I wrote to several of the developers whose apps I use regularly and will post the responses here.

The response has been very positive and it is clear that developers have recognised the need to treat the iPhone 6 Plus as a “mini iPad” rather than as a big phone. The fact that the 6 Plus was available only a week after the announcement has narrowed the opportunity for pre-planning. However, it now seems likely that any worthwhile productivity app will be capable of working in landscape mode by the end of the year. 

This is the letter I wrote: 

Since replacing my iPhone 5 and iPad mini with one device—the new iPhone 6 Plus—I have been frustrated by the number of my regularly used productivity apps that do not work in landscape mode. Yours is one of them.

The iPhone 6 is best used in landscape mode. As a writer, I am using apps that are fully optimised for landscape, including Byword, Writer Pro, Pages. All of Apple’s PIM apps have been beautifully adapted for landscape.

It is therefore extremely frustrating to bring up your app while working on an article only to find it lying on its side. In order to use it I have to pick up the device and turn it round. I have long been a major advocate for your app and use it every day. But now it is giving me grief.

I am putting together an article on this subject (I have already written about my frustration) and would appreciate your comments which I would like to quote. Ideally, a port of the iPad app would be perfect for the 6 Plus, with the added height of the screen providing amply space for the sidebar. However, I appreciate that the iPhone 6 Plus has a different aspect ratio to the iPad and this might be an insurmountable problem.


Thank you for writing to us, and I’m sorry for the frustration here. I too, am looking forward to having OmniFocus sized for my 6 Plus.
I want to let you know that we’re currently working on a new release that’s properly sized for the new devices. I don’t have a release date for this just yet, but Ken recently gave a status update on twitter, which you can view here.

There was only a week between the iPhone 6 reveal and iOS 8 ship, and we had to make a choice between having extensions ready for launch and having native display support for the iPhone 6/6+ on day one, and we went with extensions, which we detailed in a blog post here Hopefully that makes this a little more understandable!)

I should also definitely clarify — this upcoming release is our first step to make sure things aren’t blurry, after which point we’ll start thinking about 6 Plus-specific enhancements. We’re still evaluating our options for the new display sizes, as Ken mentions on our forums here].

Ken also mentioned on twitter that we will be adapting our iPad app for the 6 Plus, and although I don’t have a timeline for that release, we’re very excited about it. Here’s the link to that tweet.

Again, I completely understand your frustration, as I am in the same boat. Please know that we are working hard to get this update out the door ASAP without sacrificing quality. Please feel welcome to quote or link to Ken’s tweets.


We agree, Moneydance needs to get landscape support on the iPhone6+ ASAP. We’re working on it now and hope to have something submitted to Apple very soon!


Thanks for reaching out to us. I definitely understand why you would want to use our Blog App in landscape-orientation on the iPhone Plus. I’ve notified our Product and Development teams of your suggestion, and we’ll be happy to follow up with you should this feature be added to Squarespace. Although we can’t guarantee feature implementations, all suggestions are reviewed and your continued input is always welcome. 


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There will be an iPhone 6 update coming in the next two weeks and there is a possibility that the landscape problem will be fixed for the 6 Plus.


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