Thursday, October 29, 2020

Laptop and camera air ban stops people travelling, harms economy


The partial ban on carrying laptops, cameras and some other electronics in aircraft cabins is having unforeseen consequences.....

Twelve Years with Apple: But are the pips beginning to squeak?


Mike has had a twelve-year love affair with Apple. But the competition is gathering and Apple is showing worrying signs of ignoring the opinion leaders in favour of a dumbed-down mass market. It does so at its peril.....

Senior Moments: When you no longer wish to schlepp the big system


Is your photographic gear weighing you down? Are you in the mood (again, perhaps) to downsize to a lighter system? Read on....

Leica Store Wigan and the M246 Monochrom Pier Edition

Sadly both the Leica Store Wigan and the M246 Monochrom Pier edition are figments of my febrile imagination. Please do not visit...

Sony A7: Goodbye, it was almost nice knowing you


John has had a long relationship with the Sony A7 — mainly because he couldn't find anyone to buy it off him.....

Nokia 3310: Thinking the unthinkable. Are smartphones really necessary?


Do today's smartphones attempt to do too much? Could Nokia's new no-nonsense retro-phone replace my iPhone and leave me free to do most of my work on an iPad mini? 

Hasselblad Lunar: The kitschy side of the moon


Mike had an invitation to view a fabulously expensive Hasselblad Lunar, reduced from £6,000 to £800. Is it now a bargain or is it doomed to a never-ending fall from grace?

Maison Bertaux: The best croissanterie in London


Next time you find yourself in London's Soho, do visit Maison Bertaux in Greek Street. Mike chomps on his croissant in anticipation.....

Pubelangelo: Who does craft all those enticing food signs?


Just who does write all those pub signs?

Watermarked Photographs: Pretentious or what?


I hate watermarked photographs. They say a lot about the photographer and, I suppose, everyone takes a different view of what exactly that is. To me it means only one thing: “Look at me, my pictures are so wonderful that the world would steal them if I didn’t deface them with a watermark.” There are honourable exceptions, of course, and some of my favourite bloggers and photographers do add watermarks. It’s entirely up to them. But generally speaking a watermarked photograph defeats the object. In my view it is pretentious and removes the pleasure in viewing the image.