Sunday, March 7, 2021

Challenges ahead: Technology and the car industry

The car industry is in a bit of a pickle, what with the pandemic and the proposed bans on the internal combustion engines. Tesla and Chinese manufacturers and the great disruptor itself, Apple, are circling the wagons...

Cash or card: The cashless society is almost a reality

Mike has embraced the cashless society. He hasn't handled a coin or a banknote in twelve months. His wallet is as thin as bumble bee's wing...

Airpop Active Plus: The facemask for the Macfilos reader who has everything

It's time to take facemasks seriously. Time to invest in high-tech protection. For only £150 (plus refill pads) you can treat yourself to the Airpop Active Plus with Halo...

Modern features: Konica Hexar RF with Konica 50/2

Jörg-Peter Rau continues his exploration of film cameras with the M-mount that are not quite Leicas. The M Files turns to the remarkable Konica Hexar RF rangefinder...

Authors and their typewriters: From Salinger to Christie

Everyone's a budding author these days, thanks to the computer and the internet. But spare a thought for the logistics of the 20th century when the mechanical typewriter was the weapon of choice...

Leica Noctilux 50mm f/1.2: An Appreciation

Jonathan assesses the newly resurrected 50mm Leica Noctilux f/1.2, first produced in 1966 and now reissued as a retro delight for Leica fans...

What did you do before the war, Daddy?

William revisits the photographs his father took, at the age of 23, immediately before the start of World War II. The remarkable thing, he says, is now life was continuing absolutely as normal, despite the impending doom.

Want a cheaper electricity deal? Try Octopus for home and car

It pays to look around for the best electricity supply deal, especially if you own a battery electric vehicle. Mike untangles the enticing tentacles of Octopus

Electric Cars: Like it or not, most of us will change to an EV...

For all my adult life I’ve been a petrol head. I got my licence at the age of 16 and lost no time in buying a motorbike. I rode bikes for 40 years, enjoying every minute, and even managing to incorporate powered two-wheelers into my career. This love of motorcycling ran in parallel with a passion for cars.

The M Files: Not quite Leica M… But really interesting

The hype seems never-ending: used Leica M film cameras continue to post new price records on the second-hand market. A good copy of the...