Monday, February 17, 2020

Moscow Anecdotes: GUM, glum and dinner with Mikhail Gorbachev

A reader’s visit to Moscow earlier this month has sparked memories of an earlier trip, under very different circumstances, to the city in 1978 — and a subsequent dinner with Mikhail Gorbachev fifteen years later.

News: Using an aperture ring can take some getting used to

Did you know that a physical aperture ring on a lens can be useful? Or that it comes as a surprise to photographers brought up with fully automatic controlless lenses?

Lenny rides again with a bottle of champers and a pop-up bar

Lenny Kravitz, Leica Drifter in hand, has moved on to a Dom Pérignon special edition complete with a case that opens up as a bar. Read on....

Lisbon: A favourite city is now becoming swamped by visitors

Lisbon is one of John Shingleton's favourite cities. But things have changed. The old Lisbon is disappearing and the city is swamped by tourists.

Is Leica now on the right course? SL2 points the way

The launch of the SL2 can be seen as a milestone in the fortunes of Leica. Despite its primary appeal to the premium market, it has received a stunning reception. With the success of the Q and Q2, the continued appetite for rangefinders and the new desire to achieve a cohesion in design and control, Leica seems set to weather the storms buffering the camera industry as a whole. It is also becoming heavily involved in technology and computational photography.

Busy times at Macfilos: News, features. product testing

The pace is hotting up at Macfilos: Events to cover, travel articles to prepare, Leicas and lenses to test. November has been the businest-ever month in the ten-year history of the blog.

A plague on all your ads: Google Adsense goes incontinent

While I was in Germany this week I noticed random panel advertising appearing on Macfilos. In some cases, advertisements were placed in...

Take off for the summer in Leica’s wicker basket

Three things to know about Leica’s new Wicker Basket. Only 150 are being woven, they cost £160 each, and Leilac isn’t my colour.

Ich war dabei: At Checkpoint Charlie as the Berlin Wall fell

The Wall, East Germany, “Democracy”: 30 years on, Mike pays a return visit to the spot on which he stood in November 1989. The weekend the Wall fell.

Uluru: The end of the long and torrid climb

For years the major tourist attraction of Australia’s Red Centre has been a visit to Uluru — previously known as Ayers Rock —and the strenuous climb up the rock. But from October 31 that has all changed. From that date it is illegal to climb the rock, with a $600 fine for those who do.